Another Saturday Night

This story is from a diary I sporadically kept in 1983.  It’s a another Saturday night with friends (Bill Wheeler, Keith Hanson, Jay Carbon, Wayne Podolak, and Mike Hanson), this time at a hockey game.  

Lucky me!

Saturday night (Jan. 22, 1983): Wheels and I drove into Dez’s to meet Keith, Jay, Wayne, Mike, and others before the hockey game.

Dez’s 400 was a tavern at 400 Mercer Street on the north edge of Seattle Center.  It was also a popular  live-music venue. 

We parked at Tower records.  Went in to buy the new Utopia album but they were all out.  Shoot, I usually like to buy an album at Tower, leave the package face up in my car’s window so they know I bought something there.

The Breakers were lousy.  Portland cleaned up despite the crowd chants of “Portland sucks.”  Real class fans at these hockey games.  Rodney Dangerfield said he went to the fights and a hockey game broke out.  Keith, Wayne, Wheels, and Mike wanted to split after the 2nd period.  We stayed for the 3rd and said, “Jay and I would meet them back at the tavern in Renton.”  There were a few more goals scored in the last period but the Breakers still lost.

The Seattle Breakers were a Major Junior hockey team based in Seattle, WA playing in the Western Hockey League from 1977 to 1985. That year the teas was sold and renamed the Thunderbirds.

Jay and I walked back to my car.  My car wasn’t where it used to be.  Lots of people’s cars weren’t where they used to be.  Jay and I made the 10-block walk to Lincoln Towing.  I thought and expressed to Jay how a person chooses everything as well as his response to external events beyond his control.  I still had to pay $50.58.  Got a free Lincoln Towing key-chain out of it.

At the time I was taking Psychodrama classes at GRCC so during our walk to retrieve my towed Mustang II told Jay about my emerging philosophy.

We drove back to the Tav and burned on the way.  Listened to Elvis.

Told my stories and Keith, Wayne, Wheels, and I went to dinner at Red Robin.  Retold our stories and ate ribs.  Told new stories and drank our drinks.  Laughed until we could laugh no more.  Said goodnight.

Wheels and I dropped off at Caruso’s before we went home.  It was 1:30 a.m.  Wheels drinks Smith & Kearns.  I had a Jack Daniels rocks.  Came home, put on the tape, ‘Nobody else’s hand’ and dreamt.

The handwritten story I wrote Sunday morning and stuck in my diary where I also saved the ticket stub.