Historical / Personal Musings

  • Strawberry Fields Remembered
    We’d gone to a movie that Monday night – Scott Mitchell and I were at the Chalet Theater in Enumclaw.  The Chalet has long been the ‘We-try-harder’ champion of small-town theaters.  I hadn’t remembered what we saw until searching an archived copy of the Courier-Herald.  “My Brilliant Career” was an early-century period piece detailing the […]
  • Tom Colvin and the Summer of 1966
    It’s funny how a song can evoke memories of times long passed. I’ll never forget the song from July 1966, and where I first heard it. I was visiting a childhood friend, Tom Colvin who’d moved away after 4th grade. We were best friends during our elementary school years. On their last night in Enumclaw, […]
  • On Turning 68
    Reflecting on 50 years of change and what was learned along the way.
  • The Man Who Dredged, Filled, and Sculpted Lake Sawyer
    How Jim Hawk, the son of Pennsylvania Dutch and Italian ancestors created an everlasting legacy on south Lake Sawyer.
  • On May 26, 1985 – I Gave Up Alcohol Forever
    I drank my last drink and never looked back.